Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner Review  

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner Review

We love Triple Eight helmets, especially their cool line of electric scooter and skateboarding helmets that are built strong and designed with comfort in mind, which can encourage consistent use.

The Triple Eight helmet is the perfect choice for the electric scooter rider if you’re searching for a helmet you can wear for longer rides. It features an innovative multi-impact design, which is pretty rare. Often, these helmets are designed as one and done, meaning one crash and the helmet must be replaced.

Aside from the highly durable design, this model comes with a sweatsaver liner. The liner is designed to absorb sweat, preventing it from getting in your eyes during a long ride. It also doesn’t retain odors, so you won’t have to worry about it smelling up your backpack or room.

The helmet’s strap is highly adjustable and can fit most adults.

Electric Scooter Helmet Overview and Features

As we mentioned the sweatsaver liner is designed with moisture-wicking material which absorbs sweat but doesn’t retain odor. That’s because the liner is equipped with a layer of anti-bacterial treatment. The liner completely wraps around the wearer’s head for total protection. The helmet’s terry cloth design also ensures maximum comfort that prevents irritation.

According to the manufacturer, this is one of the best-impact helmets on the market. While it’s designed for electric scooter, skateboarding, and rollerblading use, it’s not recommended for bicycle use.

This helmet is available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large.

In the scooter industry, this helmet was made an instant classic. Without a doubt, it’s one of the safest, most comfortable helmets around, and it’s stylish to boot.

The liner really does a great job of keeping sweat from running into your eyes and the padding makes wearing the helmet bearable.

The helmet also features MIPS technology. If you don’t know what that is, this technology was developed by brain surgeons and scientists with the goal of reducing rotational forces on the brain that are caused by impact. This is achieved by mimicking the way in which the brain is able to protect itself naturally. Between the skull and the brain is a layer of cerebrospinal fluid which creates a type of cushion that allows the brain to slightly move with the skull during an impact. This, in turn, dissipates some of the energy from the impact before it has a chance to reach the brain. This type of technology imitates this natural defense by creating the same type of layer of friction between the helmet’s liner and the shell of the helmet. The idea behind this design is that the helmet can slide parallel to the rider’s head upon impact, reducing a portion of the energy from the impact.

Some researchers argue that hair on the head tends to create its own type of natural friction layer between the helmet and the head, basically accomplishing the same thing that MIPS technology does, however, this type of technology has been tested and retested in labs across the country for the last decade, with significant data available that clearly shows that this technology is, in fact, able to do what it claims.

Scooter Helmet Pros and Cons

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver LinerPros: This helmet is more designed for the electric scooter rider than the bicycle commuter. It features a different cut than the traditional scooter style helmet, such as a subtle brim located at the front.

If you’re someone who is constantly asking how fast do electric scooters go, and enjoy testing your scooter’s limits, then you need a helmet that can withstand a crash and protect you from serious injury.

The thick sweetsaver liner, combined with the adjustable strap and the wide range of sizes to choose from really gives you more control over the look, fit and overall comfort of the helmet.

This is a multi-impact helmet. With most helmets, after a serious crash, you’ll have to toss the helmet, even if there’s no noticeable damage. This is because a serious impact majorly compromises the helmet’s integrity. But with this model by Triple Eight, the helmet can take an impact like a champ and can be reused until noticeable damage, such as cracks or dents, are evident. Since your helmet won’t need to be replaced after a minor crash, you’ll end up saving some serious cash in the long run.

For once, the manufacturers have gotten it right by designing a tough looking helmet that you won’t be embarrassed to wear thanks to the cool red and matte black design.

Cons: There were a couple of complaints some riders had regarding this helmet. The first is the lack of vents in the helmet’s design. You’ll find a couple of very small vents located at the front of the helmet and six small ones located on the top of the helmet. These vents are designed to help circulate the air in and out of the helmet, working to keep the rider dry. But most riders felt that the vents would be more effective if they were much larger. In fact, in warmer weather, it can be difficult to keep the helmet on considering it tends to retain some serious heat.

The second complaint is the film-like clear layer found over the outer shell. The film tends to bubble up and chips over time. If you try to pull off the entire film, it just ends up chipping off in very tiny pieces. So, even if your helmet is new and in great condition, the flakey film makes it look worn and damaged.

Conclusion and Rating

When you’re riding an electric scooter, safety should be your main priority. But the hundreds of models of helmets available can make it difficult to find one that’s really safe and designed to take a beating. This model by Triple eight is the cream of the crop. You can wear this helmet with confidence knowing that you’ll be well-protected wherever you go. We love the design, fit and ultimate multi-impact protection. We gave this helmet a rating of five out of five stars making it the perfect companion to the best electric scooter on the market.

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